Accident with the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double “Jogger”

I bought a Schwinn Tursimo Swivel Double Jogger stroller on Feb. 26 through I have a BOB Revolution stroller, but wanted to get a double jogger, so my wife and I could walk/jog with both our kids (Elena age 3, and Daniel age 1).

Current stroller we had.

New Stroller we bought.


When the Schwinn Double Jogger arrived, my wife, Gaby, started using the stroller to walk the kids around our neighborhood, and we used the stroller when we would go out shopping, etc. Yesterday evening (3/13/12) we all went walking around our neighborhood.  Both kids were buckled in and enjoying the ride.  When we were about 2 blocks away from our home, I decided to pick up the pace and jog the rest of the way (we had been walking the whole time).  This was the first time I had jogged with this stroller. About 4 steps after picking up the pace to a jog the front wheel began to shake very hard and buckle…. and the stroller does a forward flip with me coming sailing over the top.  The stroller is flipped on top of my 2 children, and I fall to the side and avoid landing on top of them.

Children that were in the stroller.

Daniel, the 1-year-old is shaken up, but fine, as the seat belt has him suspended in the air a few inches above the pavement. Elena, our 3-year-old, was not as fortunate.  Her head hit the concrete street, leaving an egg sized bruise on her forehead.  I survived with a bruised and scrapped knee.

Bruise from accident in schwinn turismo swivel double jogger stroller

Bruise from flipped stroller.

After calming down the kids, who seemed more frightened than anything else, I examined the stroller.  The front wheel had come off, and the metal bars it attached to were bent out of shape. I could not reattach the front wheel.  So I walk back to our house to get the van, and then go pick up the kids and Gaby, and toss the broken stroller and wheel into the back.

Ice inury from accident in schwinn turismo swivel double jogger stroller

Putting ice on the bruise.

I can only assume there is some type of manufacturer defect on how this thing was made.  Assembly was simple, so I don’t think that was the problem.  As I mentioned, we have a BOB single stroller, which is similar construction, and have never had the front wheel wobble, much less lock up and flip the stroller. So I’ve had the stroller for less than 30 days and it completely fails as a ‘jogging’ stroller.

The front wheel broke off while jogging.

The front wheel broke off while jogging.

The front end is bent, so the wheel does not fit back on.

The front end is bent, so the wheel does not fit back on.


I’m not sure what my options are to get a refund. Amazon’s return policy requires original unopened packages to get a full refund, and anything damaged due to use seems to get a partial refund at best.

Email sent to Schwinn about stroller accident

Email I sent to Schwinn about accident.

I sent an email through Schwinn’s website last night, in hopes they could make things right by providing a refund. It seems we are not the only ones who have experienced this, as there is a 1-star review of the product on Amazon here and Target here. I went ahead and left my review on Amazon here. I just submitted a similar review to the Schwinn website.  It will be interesting to see if it get’s approved. I’ve also submitted reviews to Walmart & Target for this product. I also submitted this blog to Consumerist.

Review I submitted to Schwinn website for the stroller.

Review I submitted to Schwinn website for the stroller.

What would you do in my situation? Thoughts & comments appreciated!

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Submitted to CPSC

Update 3/15: Talked to someone at Pacific-Cycle

The Customer Service Dept. of Pacific-Cycle, the parent company of Schwinn, gave me a call today.  They found out about my issue  after I contacted  Schwinn via Twitter (@RideSchwinn). So I talked to someone at Pacific-Cycle, and they took down all my info about what happened. They asked what I would like done to resolve the incident, and I told them a refund so I could buy a different stroller. They asked for some pictures of the stroller, and the damaged parts, along with a receipt of purchase. I just emailed them that information, so we’ll see what happens.



  1. I was considering getting a used one off Craigslist when I found your blog. Please email me and let me know if you replaced it and have had good experiences with the new one. I am so sorry to hear about your accident, I would have been beside myself! I hope your daughter made a full recovery. -Nicole

    • Hey Nicole,
      We got a full refund from the manufacturer, and used the money to get a used BOB double stroller that we trust and enjoy.
      My daughter is fine, but now always wants my wife to push the stroller when we jog.

  2. sam

     /  October 17, 2012

    I have this exact stroller and my front tire wobbles aswell if we go too fast. Did they say if their was anyway to just fix it, because i really do like this stroller.

    • Yes. They said that you have to ‘lock’ the front wheel, and there’s a tab where the front wheel connects to the stroller that you can move to ‘lock’ the wheel.

      However, when the wheel is locked, it can’t turn and is almost impossible to do corners.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog about the stroller. I have the exact same one. It had a issue with the front wheel lock too and one time it closed on my kids while they were riding in in. Would you still have pictures of your stroller? How did they resolve it? I talked to someone and they said I had to destroy it. I did but they said it’s not acceptable so I had to do more (short of cutting it in half since I don’t have a saw and a single mom to 2 kids with no time to saw a frame in half anyhow). I basically hammered through as much as I can. Can you email me your pix and their response to you?

    • The only pictures I have are the ones in the post. Schwinn refunded my purchase price. I filed a complaint with the Product Safety Commission (, and when they sent someone out to complete the report, he offered to take it back for further testing. So I let them take it away.

      The communication I had with Schwinn to get a refund was done over the phone. I was able to get in touch with them via twitter –

      Hope that helps.

  4. JV

     /  January 26, 2013

    I have the single stroller and never had a problem. I decided to leave a comment because there are only negative comments here. Like anything else, a little preventive maintenance goes a long way. You can’t beat this stroller for the price. I hope your daughter made a full recovery.

  5. Raeinva

     /  February 22, 2013

    So it seems the problem is jogging with it in swivel mode? Or using the hand switch?

    I can’t imagine they’d continue to sell it if it are defective? I’m scared to buy one now.

  6. Vanessa

     /  April 25, 2013

    HI there, Sorry this happened to your family. Ouch! I have the single stroller version and I am pretty sure that it says on the directions that you need to lock the wheel for anything faster than walking. Yes, you cant turn or swivel from side to side, but that is actually a safety feature so that the stroller doesnt tip over or veer to the side sharply. Glad your kids are okay.

  7. My son had the same issue. He has a concussion from the resulting accident, and my grandtwins are banged up. For my family, a refund is insufficient. I want this crap-stroller pulled off the market:

  8. Adessa

     /  July 22, 2013

    Refund ? Dude you need restitution your babies could have had brain damage, what if this happens to other families and they aren’t so tough?

  9. Maren

     /  July 26, 2013

    The front wheel only wobbles if it is on the setting for swivel when going to fast. When running you need to set the swivel to the lock position. The wobble doesn’t occur in the lock position. The swivel wheel is only supposed to be used for walking or quick walking. When the speed of the stroller is too fast it does shudder and start to break when on the swivel position. However, It is terrible that there have been several accidents due to the swivel wheel in the unlock position. You would think there would be a way to fix the problem.

  10. Linda Bury

     /  August 14, 2013

    I have the same stroller (a week old) and this just happened to me yesterday! My 3 year old was in the stroller as well as my 6 week old. Thank God the stroller did not flip over my newborn would have for sure been tossed out of it. I was wondering if you had the washers locked in the top holes as to prevent the wheel coming off? I was thinking of having the stroller replaced but now after reading your blog I just want to get a refund!

  11. Was the wheel in swivel or fixed position when you were walking?

  12. With many joggers, in order for them to work effectively and safely, you must have the front wheel in locked position. If in swivel mode, this allows the wheel too much wiggle room which is why it wobbled in the first place. It also makes the stroller unsafe when going over bumps which is why it flipped on you. Most joggers work this way. Sorry for your accident though.

    • No, I didn’t have it in the lock position. I didn’t see any instructions on the stroller about this (I’m sure it’s in the manual). However, our single Bob Stroller we have been able to jog without locking it, and it never wobbled. That’s why I didn’t think this would be a problem. Secondly, the fact that it locked up and flipped immediately is an issue, as I had no time to stop when it wobbled.

  13. Mary

     /  October 15, 2013

    Sorry to hear about your kiddos. 😦
    The front wheel of any jogging stroller should ALWAYS be locked when jogging/running.

  14. I have this stroller and when I jog the front wheel has started going crazy. When I walk it is fine, but recently I started trying to train for a 5k and it is impossible. Do you have any contact information so I can get a refund? I bought mine last May (I think, it was shortly after my second daughter was born in April 2013) and don’t have the the original box or receipt.

  15. Jonathan

     /  April 5, 2014

    First of all, your kids are adorable and I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I have basically the same stroller in a different color. I’ve used it off and on for the last two years. I mostly use it for walking, but occasionally use it for light jogging with the kids. Today, I was walking my kids around the neighborhood and my 3 year old request I pick up the pace. My 18 month old was asleep on one side with my 3 year old on the other. I started to run, and about 5 seconds later the front wheel buckled and I flew headfirst over the stroller landing on the payment. Needless to say, I was not happy. Thank god my kids were okay. Of course, it would be easy to blame the stroller, however I forgot to lock the wheel before I started jogging. It’s really my fault for not locking the wheel first. Every other time I’ve jogged with the stroller it’s performed fine. You must lock the wheel first! My front fork is bent beyond repair. I like this stroller, but will be keeping the front wheel locked at all times from now on, unless we are in a mall or something. I appreciate your posting the blog. It seems we are not the only ones who have had accidents with this stroller.

    Take Care!


  16. Name

     /  April 9, 2014

    You must lock your front wheel in when you run with a jogger!

  17. diane

     /  April 10, 2014

    I had the same problem with my single stroller. I bought this in January of 2012, about a year and a half later I started noticing the bar coming out of the front stroller to the point that it was sticking way out. Eventually the wheel came off but luckily it wasn’t when had my son in it and my husband was able to repair it. Just today when I started to jog a little to make a light, it popped off completely. Luckily I wasn’t running very fast and my son was unharmed!

  18. chris

     /  May 18, 2014

    Did you tighten the quick release properly? The locking mechanism that holds the wheel into the fork?

  19. Adrianna

     /  May 21, 2014

    I had this same thing happen to me today May 20,2014

    My three year old was thrown from the stroller and has a few scrapes and bumps. My 19 month old is just fine but me other the other hand my shin has a lump the size of a golf ball and my ankle is all scraped up as well as my arm. The frame were the wheel hooks in is bent to hell and back . I had to carry my baby , push the broken jogger and limp home for a good 1/4 of a mile . Would you mind forwarding me the contact information for the people you spoke with?

  20. This is exactly what happened to me!!! Single jogger and an 8month old baby! Your accident is identical!!! I figured I just had a lemon and that a new stroller would work fine. Pacific cycle made me sign a hold harmless agreement and gave me a 300 credit. I ordered the same schwynn and wouldn’t ya know the first time I use it…. The front wheel lock doesn’t work!! :(. I have contacted them back and they want to send me a new brake that we will have to disassemble and assemble… I think I should get my 320 back for the stroller and go buy a different brand!!!! I’m really angry after hearing your story! They lied to me telling me this has never happened before!

    • Amy

       /  November 29, 2014

      We just bought this stroller used and this just happened to us. The entire wheel holder is completely bent thankfully everyone was ok. Is there a part to replace the front metal? Or has anyone had a used one and reported it to Schwinn. What were they able to help you with? Thanks.

  21. claudia

     /  July 6, 2014

    To whom it may concern: I own a shwinn tourism double stroller, I had it for about a year and never had an issue but also I never jog with it before because I thought my kid were to small and made me nervous, they are now 1 & 2, as I decided to give it a try and go out for a jog the front wheel started to shake and flip from side to side, I was so scared, thank God the stroller fell sideways as I pulled it and none of my girls got hurt other than a big scare. I was able to go back home but I noticed that the side that hit the floor wasn’t locked opens and the security switch that you is stop open the stroller is now loose. Up until now I was pleased with the stroller, now my kids are afraid of it and I don’t feel safe with it now that it doesn’t lock open

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